shutterstock_113161129We are not your grandfather’s consulting firm.

You are the reason your business has been successful thus far. Recognizing that is an important step in growing your business.  Our consulting practises focus on isolating and magnifying you and your company’s strengths to identify problems that are holding you back.

Rather than telling you what to do and how to do it, we show you. We provide you with solutions and systems that easily meld into your daily business routines. This makes implementing them easier so you get sustainable results quicker, and with less frustration.

Our core competency is in four key areas. If the follow describes your business world, we can help:

  • Complex solution-based offering: Your business-to-business product or service offering is intangible, complex, and not easy to explain or understand.  We help you communicate your value to right fit partners.
  • Multiple Stakeholders: Your value chain (people that give or get value from your organization) is wide and deep. Getting everyone aligned to buy in is critical to achieving your vision.
  • Life Cycle Transition AKA Re-invent: You are moving from one stage of the business/product life cycle to the next, and you need to re-invent your current success formula to achieve your goals.
  • Wicked Problem: You are stuck. You may or may not know what the problem is. Either way you need to get to the root of the problem. A fresh pair of eyes can help you identify viable solutions that will get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

Our method

We know your time and money is limited so we work with what you have to get you where you need to be. Often times it’s a case of reviewing, adding, editing, and re-positioning to move you forward. We believe what neuroscience has proven:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words so we use visual models and diagrams to communicate.
  • People are emotionally driven to buy in so you must develop stories and metaphors to connect.
  • Less is more. Categorize information to make it simple to understand and easier to retain and apply.

Our three-step approach is designed for sustainable growth. You may need just one, or a combination. We co-diagnose and get to work helping your organization or team to Be the Tree – to Strengthen, Sustain, Soar.


Before you grow we need to make sure your root system is strong for sustainable growth. You need to clarify your 3 Bs. You know your business inside and out, but odds are you don’t have the framework to succinctly communicate it to your team or stakeholders. Your team needs to understand where the organization is going and what they can differently, better, and faster to add more value. Together we build the framework to share your knowledge with your team so they can contribute to the growth.

(B 1)Behavioural Foundation: 
Identify or re-visit your core values, mission, and vision to distill them into a simple and succinct statement of purpose that becomes your company culture.  In a fast-paced, highly competitive environment, what you stand for, why you do what you do, and what you aspire to be acts as a compass to guide your journey.

(B 2) Business Model:
With business and product life cycles reduced, knowing your business model is critical to growth. We review your customer value, profit formula, key resources, and key processes to identify what need to be altered for sustainable growth.

(B 3) Business + Market Intelligence:
Informed growth comes from understanding the lay of the land. Informal and formal gathering of data, analysis of the findings, self-explanatory reporting, and updating is critical. With this information you and your team can then allocate resources where you will get the highest return.


Research suggests that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. You must first streamline your day-to-day operations before running off to explore new frontiers. We review your client delivery system through the 3 Es (Experience, Efficiencies, Expand) to ensure you have the capacity needed to grow a relationship with new clients.

(E 1) Experience
Our brand audit looks through your customer’s eyes. Our in depth audit ensures you are delivering on your brand promise and that your customer’s experience is consistent with your behavioural foundation.

(E 2) Efficiencies
We review your work and behavioural processes to identify gaps, duplications, and opportunities to leverage technology so you can save time and effort, and improve quality and client experience.

(E 3) Expand
We review your current clients to identify growth opportunities. Together we can discover ways to provide more services, more often, and formalize business referrals. This provides resources to fund new prospects.


With a solid foundation, and your day to day streamlined, it’s time to identify new opportunities to grow and explore new frontiers.  The 3 Ns cover all of your options and categorize your growth so you can focus on high yield opportunities first.

(N 1) New Customers
We identify how you can attract more quality customers like the ones you already have. We take our findings from the Sustain phase and develop your attraction strategy.

(N2) New Offerings
We identify new products or services that compliment your current offering to help you grow.

(N3) New Markets
We identify gaps in the market and determine how you can revamp or tweak your current model to serve a new market.