Shelley’s career in branding goes back 25 years, with a focus on “selling the invisible” – intangible, complex business-to-business solutions.

As founder of Cypress Strategies an organizational growth coaching and consulting firm, Shelley helps leaders build their teams and systems for sustainable growth.

With a passion for people and business, Shelley’s unique approach is to build a business strategy around the strengths and talents of the organization rather than forcing a one size fits all solution. This makes the strategy easier to implement, more sustainable, and leads to better results.  With a keen understanding of human behaviour, Shelley helps organizations develop systems and systems of thinking to adapt to today’s condensed product and business life cycles. Knowing that learning is the key to growth, Shelley uses visual models and experiential learning techniques she honed as an adjunct professor to simplify the complex.

In addition to being the Past Chair of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Board, Shelley mentors McMaster University post grad Masters students, facilitates the Women Entrepreneurship series and is a featured blogger for the Canadian Marketing Association.