You want to grow your business. You could use some help. What you need is a business coach and consultant who understands you, not overwhelms you. We’re here to help.

Cypress Strategies is redefining business consulting and coaching. Our name says it all. The Cypress family of trees is one of the oldest species of trees on the planet. They have adapted to a changing environment and have continued to prosper in even the most adverse conditions.

They exemplify resilience.

One of the best-known Cypress trees is the Sequoia. These spectacular trees live hundreds of years, growing stronger over time. Their powerful root system is one of interdependence and can be likened to teamwork. The Sequoia thrives by intertwining its roots with other trees to ensure its longevity. Working within this complex eco-system helps it soar to greater heights.

We have much to learn from the Sequoia in business. A complex and ever changing environment means we can’t afford to work alone. We too need to adapt and to work within our own complex eco-system by identifying the right mix of give and take, to help our business soar to greater heights.

The Cypress thrives with minimal effort using little resources.

Cypress Strategies will create a system that is customized to your niche, and will play up your strengths, so you too can thrive with minimal effort and resources.




You want to soar to great heights, but what you are doing isn’t getting you there. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Not knowing where to begin is the biggest challenge. We can help you identify the critical components missing from your current structure to help you build a solid foundation for growth. Learn how the 7 Traits of a Groundbreaking Organization diagnostic tool can help to map your growth strategy.

Team Leader + Team


There are times when the “business as usual” approach is no longer effective in achieving desired results. Your team needs to reengage, recommit, and realign to do their best work; especially when there are a number of external and/or internal influences impacting performance. Ask us how the 7 Traits of a Groundbreaking Team can get you back on track.



Board members are tasked with developing a strategy to engage multiple stakeholders. They must be aligned if they are to take the organization from good to great. There may be obstacles holding back the board that are difficult to articulate. The 7 Traits of a Groundbreaking Board is designed to bring these obstacles to the forefront to help focus efforts on what matters most. Ask us for details.